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Terms and conditions


The rented car can be used only with strict observance of the road legislation and all its modifications, of the decisions or regulations that modify or supplement the road legislation in force, at the date of conclusion of the contract. Any breach in relation to the object of this contract, of these norms, will automatically lead to additional costs to be charged to the client.
By signing the lease, the tenant commits himself to the following:
- to comply with all Romanian laws in force regarding road traffic
- not to take the car outside the borders of the country only with our agreement.
- not to lend the car to other people who are not registered in the contract
- not to use the vehicle for commercial or other activities;
- not to rent it to third parties
- not to allow the overloading of the vehicle (number of seats and weight) above the maximum limits provided in the registration heel
- not to use the vehicle when participating in competitions, competitions, other car tests
- do not repair the vehicle except in a service approved by the owner
- do not leave the vehicle unlocked, with the keys in contact and / or with the windows or the boot open
- not to use the vehicle except in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and recommendations and only with the destination provided in this contract
- not to drive the vehicle except on public roads, being forbidden to use it on forest roads, in mountain expeditions or on rough roads
- not to push or handle any vehicle, caravan or other object
- not to drive under the influence of alcoholic beverages, narcotics or any other substances that affect their concentration status.
Any violation of the above clauses entails the retention of the guarantee and the request of other material damages in case the car suffers damage due to the violation of the mentioned ones.
The tenant also commits to immediately notify the representative of the company if he notices flashing lights on the board or any other abnormal signs that appear in the operation of the car which may endanger the technical state or even the traffic safety conditions.


The rented car is the property of the company Rent a Car, the owner authorizing its use by the tenant registered in the contract only during the period mentioned in writing and in compliance with the conditions it provides. The owner reserves the right to refuse to rent or extend the rental of a car.

Age: The person who wants to rent and drive a vehicle must have a minimum age of 21 years and be a minimum of 1 year holder of a driving license category B. The vehicle can only be driven by the person registered in the contract.

KM Limit: For the entire rental period km are unlimited. For long-term rentals, however, it is not allowed to carry more than 4,000 km / month.


The rental rate: includes periodic technical control, maintenance of the vehicle, oil change, civil liability insurance, CASCO insurance, Rovigneta, VAT, replacement of the defective vehicle if, the defect arises is not due to the improper use of the rented vehicle, but due to causes. strictly by car.

Delivery / Reception: The vehicle is delivered in good working condition, with no hidden defects of nature to prevent its movement, clean inside and outside and with the full tank. Thus, the client is obliged to bring it under the same conditions; otherwise, the owner will charge from the warranty any missing or irregularity to the car or to the inventory objects, according to this contract.

Return: The tenant has the obligation to return the car at the date and time inscribed in the contract and under the same conditions in which he initially took it. The minimum rental period is 24 hours; for a delay of more than 3 hours, a further day's rent is charged. For unannounced delays longer than 5 hours, the owner will consider the case of fault and will report the theft of the car to the Police. The use of the vehicle over the lease term without a written approval in this regard constitutes a crime of illegal seizure of the vehicle and is sanctioned according to the Romanian Penal Code, the owner reserving his right to act according to the law.

Extra charges: Any fine, rubber tire, road or parking fee, etc. as well as the value of any repairs during the rental period, due to the tenant, will be borne by him. Also, if following an accident due to the fault of the tenant the car can no longer be transported on wheels, by signing this contract the customer is obliged to pay the costs of transporting it on the platform to the place where he rented it.

Special mentions:

Any complaint regarding the condition of the car should be made immediately upon receipt.
The fee for cars brought without fuel is 1.5 euros / liter.



For the rented vehicle, the tenant will deposit a guarantee depending on the class of the car, between 200-900 EUR.
The guarantee will be returned to the customer upon the expiration of the duration of the contract, provided that he surrenders the car in the same state in which he took it.
- in case of damage caused to the vehicle due to the fault or negligence of the tenant (the damage caused by a traffic accident or by the unresponsive parking of the car that leads to its finding damaged in the parking lot). In these cases, at least 150 euros is charged, the Casco franchise fee;
- in case the car returns with damage and the tenant does not present any supporting document (the police report, the repair authorization, the amicable finding of the accident, the children after the documents of the other drivers involved in the accident)

- in the event of an accident and the value of the repairs exceeds 50% of the value of the car the customer is responsible for the entire value of the repairs.

- in case after a technical malfunction of any nature or accident, the tenant leaves and does not ensure the supervision of the car; - in case of bad intent operation of the rented vehicle which results in the deterioration of the interior of the vehicle (staining or burning the upholstery, dirty the dome, loss car keys or inventory objects, tire and tire damage - items not covered by Casco);

- in case of malfunctions caused by the improper operation of the car: oil bath breakage, engine shield damage, clutch damage after excessive skating (on snow, mud or wet grass);
- in case the customer ignores the ignition of some bulbs of damage on board and continues to use the car, causing technical faults.



Daily insurance can be charged for zero liability in case of damage or theft. In this case, there is no need to pay the guarantee. The zero liability insurance will not be returned to the customer at the end of the rental period. The zero liability insurance starts from 4eur / day to 30 / eur / day depending on the model chosen.
The insurances do not cover the defects produced by the engine or its subassemblies that are caused by the fault of the customer due to improper use and which will be certified by a specialized car workshop.
The insurance does not cover the damages caused by incidents caused by the client due to the consumption of alcohol, drugs or other substances prohibited by law. In these cases, the customer will bear all the repair costs including the days of in-service parking, while also answering exclusively for his facts.
The insurance does not compensate the theft of the car in the cases in which it is left with the keys in contact, unlocked and unattended. In order to compensate for the theft, it is compulsory to present the key with which the car was delivered to the customer.
During the term of this contract the client is liable for all damages caused to third parties, if they have additional claims, or if the value of the damages exceeds the secured amount.



In case of accident, damage or theft, the tenant has, first of all, the obligation to immediately call the rental company to announce the incident and be guided in solving the situation. Then you must obtain the following documents:
In case of accident, damage or theft, the tenant has, first of all, the obligation to immediately call the rental company to announce the incident and be guided in solving the situation. Then you must obtain the following documents:
Friendly finding of accident completed to the smallest detail - if the parties recognize each other's fault.
In the event of an accident with aggravating conditions that require the intervention of the Police, the following must be obtained:
Friendly finding of accident completed to the smallest detail - if the parties recognize each other's fault.
In the event of an accident with aggravating conditions that require the intervention of the Police, the following must be obtained:
Police report / report that must include the signature of the police body that prepares the report, the stamp of the police station and the mention that the vehicle was / was not driven under the influence of alcoholic beverages
Authorization of repairs that must include the signature of the police and the stamp, as well as absolutely all the damaged elements of the car, from the most serious to the smallest scratches
Children after the bulletin and the driving license of the other drivers involved in the accident
Children after insurance and registration certificate of other cars involved in the accident.
By signing this contract, the client is irrevocably obliged to open the damage file to cooperate with the representatives of the rental company in order to initiate the requests to the insurance company.


From the moment of handing over the car, until returning to its possession, the owner is exempted from liability for damages caused to third parties by the vehicle rented to the customer.
For the non-fulfillment of the mutual obligations stipulated in the rental contract, the parties respond according to the laws in force.
The lease is subject to the laws of Romania. Any litigation arising out of or in connection with this contract will be settled first amicably, and in the event of non-settlement, the parties will address the competent courts.